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Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, Joe’s onto you.

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Why Is Pest Control in Minot-Williston, ND, Important?

Being a state in the Northern United States means a lot of cold weather. While North Dakota residents are a hardy bunch and can handle cold winters with the best of them, most North Dakotans rejoice when the warmer months roll back around. Exchanging temperatures of 17 degrees for temps of 85 degrees is a good deal all around.

Mostly, it is, except for the creepy crawlies that come out of the woodwork once the temperatures start rising again. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes take the fun out of outdoor activities. You can’t just enjoy the ambiance of summer and the chats with friends that go with it. Every conversation is punctuated by biting bugs and the itching that comes with them.

Additionally, pest control in Minot-Williston, ND, isn’t just for private residents. Bugs don’t discriminate. They’ll bite around businesses, too. If you own a company, this could mean a loss of clients or sick employees (if the wrong bug bites them).

Fortunately, pest control services keep Minot, Williston, ND, and surrounding towns, like Burlington, Drady, Ruthville, Surrey, and Des Lac, more comfortable (and profitable) during the bug-biting seasons.

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How Can Mosquito Joe of Minot-Williston Help with Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control?

Mosquito Joe of Minot-Williston offers a multi-pronged approach to pest control. Many of the techniques we use for tick, flea, and mosquito spraying in Minot-Williston work with other services to give you more well-rounded coverage.

Natural Treatment: For many people, natural pest control in Minot-Williston means the difference between having a bite-free yard and not. If you prefer to go a more natural route in your bug abatement treatments, we can help. Our technicians have experience using natural oils, like peppermint, to get rid of bugs.

Mosquito Control: We touched on the natural treatment option for mosquito control in Minot-Williston, but truth be told, our services reach far beyond that. We employ barrier spray methods, offer abatement for events, and can even treat for perimeter pests in addition to mosquitoes.

Tick Control: The great wooded areas of North Dakota are gems to behold. Unfortunately, it isn’t just humans who think so. Ticks like them, too. They also like your wood pile, the thick bushes by your home or office, and anywhere else they might catch a ride with an unsuspecting pup or human. We treat these areas, getting rid of ticks.

Why Choosing Mosquito Joe of Minot-Williston to be Your Exterminators Makes Sense

When you’re looking for exterminators in Minot-Williston, you want the job done right. That’s why Mosquito Joe of Minot-Williston offers the Done Right Promise™.

Haven’t heard of it? As part of the Neighborly family of companies, we provide our parent company’s Done Right Promise™. It means that we stay at a job until you feel satisfied with the results – call us within 14 days if there are any issues and we will return to finish the job.

Call Mosquito Joe for Excellent Service, Including Natural Treatment

If you’re tired of biting bugs and having the upper hand at your outdoor gatherings, call us to request a quote for exceptional pest control in Minot-Williston. Our trained professionals can make going outside fun again!

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Fast, easy and honest. Love companies that show up when they say they will. Also very friendly and easy to talk too.


Excellent communication, reliable service, 10/10 I recommend!

A. Ajay

Absolutely a noticeable difference in our yard. Sometimes take for granted that we don't have mosquitos until I go anywhere else.